Skyrim 1.3.1 PC Patch Fixes 4GB Large Address Aware Issues

Download now the new update for The Elder Scrolls V via Steam

Bethesda has just deployed a small update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC platform via Steam, which finally adds the 4GB Tuning, aka the large address aware feature to the massive role playing game.

While Skyrim delighted millions of gamers from all around the world, shipping well over 10 million units, the game is far from perfect, with many glitches, some hilarious, some quite serious, affecting its gameplay.

After a few patches that did more harm than good, causing other major problems or leading once again to frequent crashes for PC owners, Bethesda has now deployed a smaller update, which adds the oft-requested Large Address Aware functionality, that means, in simpler terms, that the game's executable will be able to use more than 2GB of virtual memory, thus improving stability and performance.

Until now, Skyrim PC owners needed to use a third-party mod to make necessary changes to the game's .exe file and force it to use more memory. Hopefully this new patch will eliminate the need to use other tools and provide Skyrim some much needed stability.

The update is now available on Steam and weighs in at 18.5MB.

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