New Remember Me Video Focuses on the Soundtrack

Check out quite a bit of gameplay and learn more about the music in the new game

Remember Me, the next action game from French developer Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom, has just received a brand new video with the title, this time focusing mainly on the soundtrack of the game, which was recorded with the London Philharmonia Orchestra.

Remember Me is out later this year and Capcom has already emphasized the unique nature of the game, which puts players in the shoes of Nilin, a young memory hunter in the year 2084 who lives in Neo Paris.

We already heard quite a lot of about the game and how Nilin stands out from other stereotypical heroes and even admired a recent gameplay video that showcased a new and quite imposing enemy.

Now, Capcom has revealed a brand new trailer in which composers Olivier Deriviere and John Kurlander talk about how they manipulated a score made by the London Philharmonia Orchestra.

You can also admire quite a bit of gameplay footage, so check out the new video above.

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