New PS Vita Firmware Out Soon to Fix 2.00's Cloud Save Glitch

The automatic cloud saving feature in the PS Plus service for the Vita isn't working

Sony has confirmed that it's going to release a brand new firmware update for the PlayStation Vita soon, in order to fix a glitch in the recently launched firmware 2.00 relating to the automatic cloud saving feature.

The PlayStation Vita received its biggest software update yet earlier this week, with Sony releasing the special 2.00 firmware that brought support for the PlayStation Plus service, among other things.

Now, it seems that Vita owners are reporting some issues with the special automatic cloud saving functionality included in their Plus subscriptions, as it doesn't even seem to work.

Sony's Japanese division has confirmed that the company is "preparing to update the system software as soon as possible to improve this condition."

Until then, however, PS Vita owners who want to back up their save games will have to use the Content Management app alongside a computer.

Expect to hear more about the new PS Vita firmware update soon.

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