New PS Vita 2000 Model Won't Appear Outside Japan Anytime Soon

Sony isn't releasing the new version of the portable console just yet

The new PlayStation Vita 2000 model that was revealed by Sony earlier this week won't be released outside its native Japan anytime soon, with the company confirming that it has no plans to launch it in North America or Europe.

The PS Vita was released back in February of last year and, seeing as how sales haven't been that impressive, Sony went to great lengths to promote the portable device.

After a recent price cut for the regular PS Vita, Sony revealed the PS Vita 2000, a new and improved model that comes in more colors, with a better battery, 1GB of built-in memory, and more. However, it doesn’t feature an OLED screen, as it has been replaced with a LED one.

The new model will debut in Japan on October 10 and, as of yet, Sony has no plans to release it outside the Asian country, according to a statement from the company to IGN.

Considering Sony is focusing first on Japan with the PS Vita, it makes sense to see the PS Vita 2000 reach other countries either later this year or in early 2014.

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