New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Is a Supporter of the Xbox Division

The new Microsoft boss will take care of the Xbox business

Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that the new CEO of Microsoft overall, Satya Nadella, is a supporter of the Xbox division and will ensure its place in the company.

Microsoft named yesterday a brand new CEO, namely Satya Nadella, who will oversee the company's many different divisions, from the software, to the hardware, and more.

According to Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer on Twitter, Nadella has been a "good support of Studios and Xbox," seemingly hinting that the division will continue to remain an integral part of the corporation overall.

Microsoft's past CEO, Steve Ballmer, also had a great interest in the Xbox division and helped it after former Xbox boss Don Mattrick left the company.

As of yet, Nadella hasn't confirmed any major changes to Microsoft as a whole or for the Xbox division in particular.

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