New Medal of Honor Game Hinted At by Battlefield 3 Leaflet

A new Medal of Honor might arrive next year from Electronic Arts

Even if it's intended to be formally released tomorrow, October 25, quite a few Battlefield 3 copies have found their way into the hands of gamers, and many have noticed a rather interesting leaflet included in the retail package, which seemingly hints at a new Medal of Honor game.

Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be a big shooter release for its publisher, Electronic Arts, but the company also tried to hype up its Medal of Honor reboot last year, which wasn't that successful, given the popularity of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

This doesn't mean the series is over, however, as it seems that Battefield 3 buyers are greeted with a special leaflet in retail copies of the game, which you can see above via NeoGAF, featuring a stylized logo, the number '1', as well as the website address of the Medal of Honor series.

As of yet, EA hasn't commented on this leaflet, but it seems that it's using Battlefield 3 to promote more than just next year's demo for Mass Effect 3, so expect more details soon.

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