New Madden NFL Launches on August 27, Bears 25th Anniversary Title

Gamers can expect more realism, better physics, updated rosters

Developer EA Sports says that it has plans to launch the new video game in the Madden NFL series on August 27 of this year.

The official website for the new game also shows its name as Madden 25, which probably means that the development team wants to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the National Football League simulation.

It is unclear how this will affected the traditional naming scheme for Madden NFL, which started way back in 2007.

Currently, EA Sports is not offering any details about the game experience for the new Madden title, but players should probably expect improved physics, more realism and a better overall simulation of real-life games.

A public announcement about Madden NFL 25 might be made during the Super Bowl, which takes place this Sunday.

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