New Killing Day Trademark Filed by Ubisoft

The shooter could be launched on next-gen platforms

Video game publisher Ubisoft is trying to get a new trademark for a video game called Killing Day, which might or might not be a revival of an older title.

The trademark has been filed by the company, but it is not yet approved.

A game named Killing Day was first announced during E3 2012 and was supposed to offer a shooter that included destructible environments and a new graphics engine.

The game was supposed to arrive on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Presumably, the new Killing Day uses an entirely new engine and will launch on the PC and on next-generation consoles.

The name Killing Day might not be a very good idea for a new game project given the outrage over violent video games that grew after the horrific Sandy Hook killing, where the shooter is rumored to have played Call of Duty and Dynasty Warriors.

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