New Hitman: Absolution Video Shows Off Its Virtual World

Agent 47 will have to navigate all sorts of environments in order to kill his targets

Hitman: Absolution has received a brand new video, this time showing off its virtual world and how the protagonist, Agent 47, will have to adapt to it in order to reach his targets and eliminate them.

Hitman games have always stood out due to their ever-changing worlds, which managed to feel different almost every time a player went through them.

The upcoming Absolution installment emphasizes this aspect and has just received a special video that highlights its living and breathing world.

According to the video’s description, Hitman: Absolution promises that, “regardless of what play style you adopt, you will enjoy a unique playthrough experience as you enjoy the rich variation in a living breathing world.”

As you can see below, the world is filled with many intriguing characters so players will have to resort to all sorts of tricks in order to navigate it and eliminate their targets.

Hitman: Absolution is out on November 20 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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