New Hitman: Absolution Video Shows Off Agent 47 and His Special Powers

Check out the impressive assassin and see what powers you can use in the game

Hitman: Absolution is out this month and, in order to get people interested in the game, Square Enix and IO Interactive have just unveiled a brand new gameplay video, showing off the unique powers that can be wielded by players who take on the role of Agent 47.

Hitman’s main protagonist – Agent 47 – was bred to be the perfect killing machine and the latest video for Hitman: Absolution shows off the Ultimate Assassin and the special powers that can be used by players when they control him.

As you can see, the bald-headed and sharply dressed assassin can use a variety of tricks but, if players think they’re up for it, they can take on Absolution without any one of 47’s powers.

Check out the video above to admire them in action and decide which ones you might use once the game is released on November 20, worldwide, for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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