New Hitman: Absolution Video Presents Agent 47’s Origins

Find out more about the sharply-dressed assassin in this fresh trailer

IO Interactive and Square Enix have just posted a brand new video with their upcoming Hitman: Absolution game, this time focusing on Agent 47’s origins, showing off sequences from previous games in the series.

The Hitman franchise has been around for quite some time and allowed players to go on all sorts of rather bloody adventures while in the role of Agent 47.

Now, in order to hype up the return of the master assassin, a brand new video has surfaced, shedding a bit of light on the origins of the sharply-dressed hitman and how he went rogue after being tasked with assassinating his handler, Diana Burnwood.

Lots of impressive artwork is showcased in the video and you can expect to find out more details about Agent 47 in the upcoming game, which is out globally on November 20 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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