New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot Shows Jet Ski-powered Shootout

Shoot bad guys while riding jet skis in the new GTA V

A new screenshot of Grand Theft Auto V, the next game from Rockstar, has leaked online, this time showing off a jet ski-powered shootout with one of the previously-revealed characters from the title.

GTA V is out in spring 2013, at least according to developer Rockstar, and the studio has begun showing off more glimpses into the game through special artwork and screenshots.

Now, after receiving confirmation from Rockstar that a second trailer will be posted next week, a new screenshot has been leaked online, via AGB.

In the image, which you can admire above, you can see one of the characters that have already been revealed for the game engage in a pretty intense shootout while riding a jet ski in the waters of Los Santos, the city where the action takes place.

No other details are known about the image but you can expect some official info to surface next week, alongside the actual trailer.

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