New God of War: Ascension Dev Diary Video Focuses on the Megaclops

See how the giant cyclops came to be in the game's multiplayer mode

Sony has just posted a brand new video with its upcoming God of War: Ascension game, this time focusing on the creation process behind the so-called Megaclops, which is the giant Cyclops seen in the game’s multiplayer mode.

God of War: Ascension is out in March, 2013, for the PS3 and Sony has been detailing a variety of impressive things from the game ahead of the release of the Ascension multiplayer beta this winter.

A new developer diary has now surfaced, showing off just how the Megaclops, aka the giant Cyclops, was created, from an early idea to the final creation.

The video, which you can find above, is quite enjoyable as you even get to see how the team at Sony Santa Monica managed to create the necessary animations for the big Cyclops.

God of War: Ascension is out in March for the PS3, but a closed beta stage will be made available this winter.

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