New F1 2013 Video Shows Racing in the Rain, Crashes

Lots of new footage is included in the new commercial

F1 2013 has just received a brand new gameplay video, in the form of a short commercial that not only highlights the main features, but also shows off different new footage, including racing in the rain or crashes.

F1 2013 is set to debut in the near future and Codemasters has begun to hype up the new racing experience by releasing quite a few new things about it.

Now, a new ad for the game has surfaced, presenting a lot of new gameplay footage from the game, including various sequences with racing in the rain, not to mention plenty of crashes.

The commercial also highlights the different features of F1 2013, from its current recreation of the Formula 1 season, to the Classics mode that allows fans to control older F1 cars and pilots.

F1 2013 is set to debut in October for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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