New Dota 2 Update Adds Slark and a Special Chatwheel

A brand new hero and a great new feature have been added to the game

Valve has just released a brand new update for its Dota 2 title, adding a brand new hero, in the form of Slark, and a special feature called Chatwheel, which allows players to broadcast certain pre-determined messages that will be translated for all players to understand.

Dota 2 may still be in closed beta, but it has hundreds of thousands of active players all over the world.

Now, Valve has posted yet another update for the game, this time adding a brand new hero, in the form of Slark, who specializes in hit-and-run attacks, thanks to a nifty cloud of smoke.

Besides the new hero, a special feature has been added to the game, in the form of a chatwheel that lets players choose from pre-determined messages, which are then translated into each player’s default language.

Check out the full patch notes for the latest Dota 2 update at this link and download it via Steam.

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