New Crysis 3 Video Hypes Up the Hunter Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

Get a special bow, arrows, and nanosuit modules by pre-purchasing the game

Electronic Arts and Crytek have just unveiled a brand new video with their upcoming Crysis 3 first-person shooter, this time hyping up the special Hunter Edition that’s offered to all customers who pre-order the new game.

Crysis 3 promises to blend the best aspects of previous games in the series, taking the urban environment from Crysis 2 and mixing it up with the jungle from the original title.

In order to convince fans to pre-order the game, and thereby get their copies of it upgraded to the Hunter Edition, the two companies behind it, EA and Crytek, have revealed a new video that shows off the array of benefits that will be offered to anyone pre-purchasing the shooter.

From the special Predator Bow, to the Recon Arrow or the Hunter Nanosuit module, players are getting quite a few benefits in Crysis 3’s multiplayer by pre-ordering it.

Check out these advantages in the video above and get ready for Crysis 3’s release in early 2013 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Don’t forget that any pre-order at certain retailers also comes with a free downloadable version of Crysis 1.

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