New Borderlands 2 Character Skins and Heads Available Today, January 22

Three separate add-ons are available for download today

Borderlands 2 has just received some brand new downloadable add-ons today, January 22, in the form of new character skins and heads for the five different classes in the shooter.

Borderlands 2 delivered a great experience back in September of last year and, since then, developer Gearbox has released plenty of DLC, ranging from story-based expansions, like the recent Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, to new items and locations, like the Creature Slaughter Dome.

Now, new customization items are available for download on the PC and Xbox 360 today, January 22, and on the PS3 in North America. PS3 owners in Europe and the rest of the world will get the add-ons tomorrow, January 22.

The new DLC, according to Gearbox's website, consists of three different character skin and head packs, called Domination, Madness, and Supremacy.

Each costs 80 MS Points / $0.99 / £0.75 / €0,99 and can be purchased either via Steam, on the PC, PS Store, on the PS3, or Xbox Live, on the Xbox 360.

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