New Animal Crossing Sells Out in Japan, No New Plans for Western Markets

Nintendo promises that more game copies will be delivered to stores

Video game hardware maker and publisher Nintendo announces that during its launch week the new entry in the Animal Crossing series, called New Leaf, has managed to sell out, moving 600,000 units to gamers via retail stores and another 200,000 via digital distribution sites.

The figures come from Twitter messages posted by Satoru Iwata, the president and the chief executive officer of Nintendo, which were then translated by a member of NeoGAF.

Iwata confirms that Nintendo is moving as fast as possible in order to get more copies into stores, with a shipment of 200,000 units set to arrive this week.

The downloadable cards that have been sold via digital services have also run out and it’s not clear when the publisher will replenish those.

At the moment, Nintendo has announced no clear plans to bring Animal Crossing: New Leaf to Western markets.

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