New Aliens: Colonial Marines Video Goes Inside the Alien Hive

A new from concept to game trailer has just appeared

Aliens: Colonial Marines has just received a brand new video in the "From Concept to Game" series, which goes into the imposing Alien Hive.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is the next big game from developer Gearbox Software and publisher Sega that's going to be a part of the Aliens canon.

We already heard quite a few details about the game's story and its multiplayer, which pits aliens versus the colonial marines.

Now, after checking out footage with the different locations from the game, as part of a special "From Concept to Game" web series, a new video has surfaced, showing off the Alien Hive environment.

As you can see above, the dark and imposing location is quite impressive and its design is very detailed.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is out on February 12, for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U.

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