New Agni's Philosophy Videos Show Off the Customizable Luminous Engine

Check out the extremely impressive tech from Square Enix

Two new videos have just surfaced on the web, showing off the mechanics employed by Agni's Philosophy technical demonstration that was showcased by Square Enix at E3 2012 in order to present the power of the company's Luminous Engine.

E3 2012 brought forth a variety of impressive reveals, but by far one of the most impressive was the tech demo presented by Square Enix for its Luminous Engine.

Titled Agni's Philosophy, the demonstration consisted of an extremely realistic cut scene that could be modified on the fly without having to re-render the whole thing.

While the demo's description did hint at the possibility of the Luminous Engine powering a new Final Fantasy game, Square Enix remained tight lipped.

Now, AGB has posted a couple of impressive videos that show off the array of customization options baked right into its Luminous Engine.

In the two trailers, you can see how the characters, their attributes, and even their clothes are changed from the game engine.

Check out the videos above and below and look forward to hearing more about the Luminous Engine soon enough.

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