Neverwinter Trailer Reveals Spellplague-Powered Chasm

The area will constantly generate monsters who attack the city

Developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment are offering fans a new trailer for their upcoming MMO Neverwinter, designed to show off the area of the Chasm.

The newly revealed map will include terrain that has been re-shaped by the remnant energy of the Spellplague and life itself is absorbed in order to be mutated into enemies, which are then sent against the city of Neverwinter.

Gamers will be able to group with others and then share powers and items in order to battle the various monsters the Chasm creates.

Neverwinter is designed to appeal to fans of the Dungeons & Dragons setting and will use core role-playing game mechanics, with a lot of customization options for characters and story driven adventures.

Perfect World Entertianment plans to launch Neverwinter using the free-to-play business model, in 2013.

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