Neverwinter Reveals Mount Hotenow Zone

Designed for high-level players and with potential dragon battles

Developer Cryptic Games continues its teaser campaign for the upcoming Neverwinter MMO by showing fans a new zone, called Mount Hotenow, which is designed to appeal to high-level players who are looking for a big challenge.

The studio promises that it will include some of the most iconic enemies of the Dungeons & Dragons universe, which might hint at dragons.

The official description adds, “The fire giants can manipulate the fire of their environment, creating powerful area of effect strikes to sear the slow-footed.”

At the moment, Neverwinter is holding a series of close beta events and gamers who buy the Founder's Pack will be able to register and get access to them.

The game will take players to the legendary city of Neverwinter and will task them with protecting it from the effects of the Spellplague.

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