Neverwinter MMO Reveals Armor and Weapon Customization Options

Gamers will be able to equip items in eight character slots

The development team at Cryptic is giving fans of the upcoming Neverwinter a chance to understand a little more about the armor and weapons system that the MMO will use on launch.

The developer states, “the Forgotten Realms is a harsh and unforgiving place for the uninitiated and unprepared. Without a trusty blade or an enchanted crystal orb by your side, escape and survival is nearly impossible.”

Characters will have multiple armor slots covering important zones like head, body, arms and feet, but players can also equip items for neck, waist, shirt and trousers in order to improve their effectiveness in battle.

Each piece of armor is class bound and level restricted, but Neverwinter will get players plenty of items to choose from, each of them with unique abilities that can be combined and staked.

The Neverwinter MMO is set to launch during 2013 with a free-to-play model.

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