Neverwinter Gets Great Weapon Fighter Reveal

The developers plan to introduce a number of character classes

Developer Cryptic Studio is giving fans of the upcoming Neverwinter MMO a chance to look at one of the classes that will be featured in the game, the Great Weapon Fighter.

The detailed video shows the character in action and also features a developer talking about its abilities.

The official description states, “The Great Weapon Fighter will be an essential member of your dungeon party when Neverwinter launches. With damage-dealing ability unmatched by any, the class thrives on being in the middle of any fight. Survivability and versatility are keys to being a Great Weapon Fighter.”

Neverwinter will allow gamers to choose a class and then explore the world around the major Dungeons & Dragons city while dealing with the various enemies that threaten it.

The game should be out before the end of 2013.

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