Neverwinter Gets Devoted Cleric Reveal Video

Gamers can control mobs and support their own teammates

The development team at Cryptic Games is revealing yet another character class for the upcoming Neverwinter MMO, with players able to get information about the Devoted Cleric.

The class is designed to deal a lot of holy damage to creatures that assault the city of Neverwinter while also supporting the rest of his party using restoration powers.

The official description adds, “With versatile area-of-effect and single-target powers, the Devoted Cleric will be an essential member of your dungeon party in Neverwinter!”

The MMO will allow players to create characters based upon traditional Dungeons & Dragons templates and then explore the city of Neverwinter and its surrounding following the catastrophic events of the Spellplague.

At the moment, the title is in beta, with those who have pre-ordered it allowed to play during the weekends ahead of launch.

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