Neverwinter Down, Cryptic Is Rolling Back Servers to Deal with Exploit

A number of players have been banned for illegally getting Astral Diamonds

The development team at Cryptic Studios announces that it is briefly taking down its MMO Neverwinter in order to implement a rollback linked to an in-game bug that some players exploited in order to get access to free Astral Diamonds using the Open Beta Gateway.

The team says that all those who were guilty of exploit were banned from the game but that because of the damage done to the game’s economy, the state of the world will be reset to a snapshot from 5:20 PM Sunday Pacific Time.

The game is expected to be up and running again before midnight and all gamers will get a gift to compensate them for their lost Neverwinter progress.

Cryptic states on the official forums that, “When the servers do come back up, a few systems will not be active: the Auction House and the Astral Diamond exchange. When the servers are back up and running, well still be examining these features and preparing some resolutions.”

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