Necromunda and War Machines Cited as XCOM Inspiration

Developers have integrated the main board game mechanics

Jake Solomon, the leading developer on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, says that two board games, Necromunda and War Machines, have served as inspiration for the tactical remake.

The game creator adds, while talking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, that, “we’d played a lot of Pandemic. I don’t know how that factored in, but it was certainly something that I think I always tried to find a way to make that work, that sense of global rising panic around the world.”

Some players have compared the overall approach of the new XCOM to that of a board game, with characters and a limited number of actions in the “player’s hand,” ready to be used when the situation requires them.

Another title that Solomon mentions is the new Fantasy Flight created Arkham Horror, which focuses on survival given limited resources.

XCOM is supposed to get access to more DLC in 2013.

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