Natural Selection 2 Patch Fixes Bugs, Adds Balance Adjustments

Some SDK changes have been included in the update as well

Developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Natural Selection 2 multiplayer game received a few massive patches in the last three weeks.

The latest update brings several fixes and adds some balance adjustments, which are meant to improve the gameplay experience.

The following balance changes have been added in this patch:

- Changed combat time-out to 3 seconds (was 1.5) seconds (makes Regeneration and Cloaking less powerful and easy to use);

- Reduced Shade cloaking radius from 20 to 14;

- Re-balanced Crags so they now self-heal, but only give 3% health every 2 seconds (min 10, max 40). (was 5%, min 10, max 50);

A fair share of bug fixes are provided as well, including:

- Fixed error when starting Explore mode;

- Fixed bug where Crags were getting too much health.

For the complete list of changes included in the latest patch for Natural Selection 2, check out the official announcement.

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