NHL 13 Celebrates End of Lockout with New Official Trailer

The game delivers a better simulation and more realistic physics

EA Sports is launching a new trailer for its hockey simulation NHL 13 in order to mark the recent deal which ended the lockout and made a shorter season possible.

The trailer is pretty celebratory and shows how the official video gamer simulation of the sport takes real-life concepts and translates them into an engaging virtual experience.

A lockout is a big problem for an EA Sports title because it diminishes player interest in the sport and the games associated with it.

One of the main additions to NHL 13 is a new set of physics that apply to the puck and to the way gamers are able to control it, but also to players themselves and to the collisions that they are part of.

NHL 13 was released by EA Sports during September of last year and can be played on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 from Sony.

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