NBA 2K14 Patch 4 Submitted for Approval on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

It will fix a number of issues including the drop to main menu problem

Developer Visual Concepts and publisher Take Two announce that they have submitted the fourth full patch for NBA 2K14 to Microsoft and Sony and that it should be launched after the approval process is completed.

The official Twitter account states, “Patch 4 submitted to 1st party. Looks to address XB1 drop to main menu issue among other fixes. Usual 10-14 day approval process.”

A full list of the changes that are being introduced will be offered close to launch date.

Before the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 were launched, both Sony and Microsoft talked about how easy it would be for developers to update their games using the power of the cloud.

Unfortunately, it seems that console gamers still have to deal with the lengthy approval process, which means that they have to wait for their games to be in better shape.

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