Mutants Mudds 2 Developer Explains DS Piracy Comments

The company is already working on a new handheld game

Jools Watsham, the boss of developer Renegade Kid, says that the comments he made about piracy on the DS were not meant as an attack on Nintendo but as a reminder that companies can only survive if they can make money from their games.

On his personal blog he adds, “What saddens me is that some people have taken my comments as an attack on Nintendo, the 3DS, and the players. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Watsham says he has always supported the DS and the more recent 3DS, but that he also needs to face the economic realities of the moment.

Watsham believes, “What this means is if we cannot make money from developing games we can no longer develop games. That is what can happen if piracy gets bad.”

Renegade Kid plans to launch Mutant Mudds 2 on the 3DS during 2014.

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