Multiple Gas Powered Games Canceled Close to Launch

The projects could have been successful if released

Chris Taylor, the leader of Gas Powered Games, says that a number of project his studio worked on were canceled just before they were supposed to be launched, which led to the current difficult financial crisis that the company is facing.

Speaking to Eurogamer the game creator says, “We got a phone call from the publisher and they said, ‘We’re terminating.’ And we’re like, ‘Yeah but we’re only a month away from beta.’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah we’re still terminating’.”

Taylor also believes that some of the projects, which he cannot officially talk at the moment, will be revealed via leaks in the coming weeks.

Gas Powered Games is currently working on Wildman, a mix between role playing game and strategy that is currently in the funding stage via Kickstarter, with backers now pushing it to about one third of its stated goal.

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