Motorola Gets Sales Injunction Against Xbox 360 in Germany

End users will not be affected by the legal decision

The Mannheim Regional Court in Germany has announced that it has granted Motorola a sales injunction against the Xbox 360 home console from Microsoft and against Windows 7, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer because the company has not respected two patents linked to the H.264 video standard.

Microsoft is likely to immediately lodge an appeal, which means that no products need to be taken off store shelves before the ruling becomes final.

Microsoft has already chosen to move its European distribution hub that was hosted by Germany to the Netherlands.

A similar case was also recently decided in the United States and a larger anti-trust case against Motorola is being investigated before any kind of injunction can be issued against Microsoft.

It’s likely that the two companies will settle in the near future and the end consumer will never feel the impact of the Xbox 360 injunction ruling in any way.

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