Mortal Kombat to Be Resubmitted for Rating in Australia

The violent game might receive one of the new R18+ classifications

Mortal Kombat, the ultra-violent fighting game from Warner Bros. and NetherRealm, has been resubmitted for classification in Australia, after the country introduced a special R18+ rating which should allow for the sale of extremely violent video games in stores.

Australia's relationship with violent media has been a rocky one, as for quite some time the country's classification board simply refused to rate anything that was too violent because it didn't have a scale on which to judge it.

Now, after the introduction of the R18+ rating at the beginning of the year, Warner Bros. has confirmed, via CVG, that it's going to resubmit the Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition for classification in Australia.

The publisher hopes to finally be able to sell the ultra-violent fighting game with the new rating.

In case you forgot, the Komplete Edition not only includes the popular base game but also all of its DLC and was released in North America and Europe last year.

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