Mortal Kombat Game of the Year Edition Listed for PC by Retailer

The violent fighting game is making its way onto the PC

Mortal Kombat, the impressive 2011 fighting game from NetherRealm, might appear on the PC platform as the UK division of retailer Amazon has listed the Mortal Kombat Game of the Year Edition for the PC.

The Mortal Kombat reboot impressed millions of franchise fans with its top-notch quality, not to mention the brutal gameplay that delighted fans of the classic ultra-violent installments in the series.

Now, after appearing on the PS Vita and making its way into Australia with an R18+ rating, it seems that the game might finally appear on the PC.

This is at least judging from a listing posted by Amazon UK, which says that Mortal Kombat Game of the Year edition, a version of the game plus all of its different DLC packs, will be released on the PC platform on June 14 this year.

As of yet, neither developer NetherRealm nor publisher Warner Bros. has commented on this leak.

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