More Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay Footage Shown on Jimmy Fallon

Gamers can get a closer look at the stealth attack and Helghast enemies

A new gameplay video for Killzone: Shadow Fall, showing new gameplay mechanics and situations, is revealed via the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon television show.

The demonstration is delivered by Guerilla Games managing director Herman Hulst, and both host Jimmy Fallon and Anthony Anderson seem to be impressed with the game they are seeing.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was the first title that Sony revealed as being under development for the PlayStation 4 during its recent New York event.

The game is designed to show off the unique power and features of the next generation of consoles and will be available on the latter’s launch date.

Guerrilla Games says that the ideas they will implement will revolutionize the first-person shooter genre and will introduce players to a new and interesting story in the Helghast-featuring universe.

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