Monaco Out on May 10 for Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade

The co-op stealth game is finally sneaking onto the home console

After a few unforeseen issues, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine has received a brand new release date of May 10 for the Xbox 360 platform.

Monaco was initially set to appear at the same time across the PC and Xbox 360 platforms at the end of last month, but some crucial issues prevented the cooperative-focused stealth game from being launched on the home console.

Now, after a few quick fixes, developer Pocketwatch Games has confirmed that Monaco for the Xbox 360 will appear on May 10, via the Xbox Live Arcade service.

This version of the game will have different leaderboards than the PC one and should certainly delight lots of stealth fans who like cooperative experiences that can result in flawless heists, but also in chaotic shootouts.

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