Monaco Creator Criticizes Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Most developers can find better ways to involve fans

Andy Schatz, the developer working on Monaco, believes that the stretch goals that most developers add to their Kickstarter funding efforts should be eliminated because they can compromise their vision for the coming game.

He tells the Penny Arcade Report that, “I’m really glad for the people that have been really successful on Kickstarter, and don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea of free money, but I’m of the opinion that designing a game around a variable budget is a terrible way to design a game. To be frank, I think that stretch goals are total bulls**t.”

The developer believes there are better ways to involve the community in the creation of an indie project.

Schatz acknowledges that his position is one born of idealism, but also says that he currently has no plans to launch a Kickstarter effort for Monaco.

The game received indie games awards as early as 2010, but the development process is not yet complete.

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