Molyneux Wants Gamers to Believe Godus Kickstarter Promises

The developer understands he under-delivered in the past

Peter Molyneux, the leader of 22Cans, says that he understands that some gamers do not believe all the promises linked to his new game Project Godus, but he is keen to get a chance to show them what his team can do.

The legendary game creator tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun that, “I can’t blame people for not believing. I know I’ve said things. I wish I could not say them, I guess. I just… I still believe so much.”

Molyneux says that when he quit Lionhead and moved to 22Cans, he swore to no longer promise more than he could deliver, but the habit was hard to break, which might drive some players away from Project Godus.

The developer is the man behind the original vision for Populous and has since created Black & White, another high concept game, and the Fable series with Lionhead.

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