Molyneux Promises Playable Godus Before Christmas

The prototype will be given to Kickstarter backers to generate feedback

Peter Molyneux, the leader of 22Cans, says that he plans to have a playable prototype for the upcoming Project Godus ready in time for Christmas and to make it available for those who back the game on crowd-funding service Kickstarter.

The idea is to give fans something to play in order to allow them to offer important feedback on core game ideas.

Molyneux tells Joystiq that, “I hope by Christmas we have a prototype that people can download and say, ‘Actually, you know what, they’re already doing good work.”

“And this is what needs to happen with Kickstarter and games. The promises… wouldn’t it be amusing if I was the one to prove this right? These promises have to result in great games,” he adds.

With another 18 days left until its deadline, the Project Godus Kickstarter has gathered close to 50 percent of the 450,000 dollars (344,000 Euro) that the team needs.

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