Molyneux Pledges Fix for Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube

The game suffered because it was too popular with players

Peter Molyneux, the developer best known for his work on Fable at Lionhead Studios, declares that he is overwhelmed by the popularity of his new game Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube and that his team is working to make sure that all the issues that gamers have reported with the game are solved as quickly as possible.

On Twitter, the developer says, “I now understand what’s going on, basically we and our server are overwhelmed by the number of people trying out the experiment.”

He adds, “We’re also working on an update that will fix the problem. Everyone please remember something as concurrent as this has never been attempted before, and we’re just a tiny company.”

Molyneux is now working with a small studio called 22 Cans and plans to create smaller video games that will test the cognitive skills of the players.

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