Mists of Pandaria Gets Patch 5.1, Up to 50% Price Cut

Gamers can get deeper into the new continental conflict

Video game developer Blizzard is introducing a new patch, labeled 5.1, for the Mists of Pandaria expansion for the MMO World of Warcraft, designed to change quite a few aspects of the game experience for the better.

The full patch notes are available on the official website and include a lot of changes for everything ranging from skills to the pet battle systems.

The MMO now allows players to actually engage with conflict as part of the Pandaren Campaign, visiting their faction strongholds located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and fighting to defend their outposts and headquarters.

There are also details on the Fight Club sounding Brawler’s Guild, which includes the line: “If this is your first night at Brawler's Guild, you have to fight.”

Mists of Pandaria is available for a 50 percent price cut before the end of November 29.

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