Mirror's Edge and Dead Space 3 Easter Eggs Found in Battlefield 3: Aftermath

Faith's running shoes and Isaac's helmet were found by players in BF3

It seems that DICE has hidden a fair share of so-called Easter Eggs in the recently released Aftermath expansion for Battlefield 3, as players have found not just the shoes worn by Faith in Mirror's Edge on the roof of a building, but also the helmet worn by Dead Space's Isaac Clarke in a dark room.

Some Battlefield 3 players received the Aftermath expansion late last month, provided they had the game on the PS3 and already purchased the Battlefield Premium bundle.

Now, as more and more people get to play it, users have begun to find various surprises hidden by developer DICE inside the different maps brought forth by the add-on.

The first Easter Egg was spotted by a Reddit user who got out of a chopper and fell on top of a building. Right on the corner of the roof he found two red shoes, posed in the same way as Faith, the protagonist of DICE's older Mirror's Edge game.

Another Reddit user also found a special helmet in a dark room that's just like the one worn by Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke in the survival games made by another EA studio – Visceral Games.

Check out both of these Easter eggs in the photo gallery below.


Battlefield 3: Aftermath Easter Eggs (2 Images)

Gallery Image
Gallery Image

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