Minecraft for Xbox 360 Won't Get Title Update 9 in February

The End and the Enderdragon won't be coming to the game anytime soon

Minecraft for Xbox 360 developer 4J Studios has confirmed that the upcoming Title Update 9, which is set to include all sorts of impressive things like The End or the Enderdragon, won't come out in February.

Minecraft is a true phenomenon as the popular independent game is raking in lots of money for its original developer, Mojang.

Now, the team that handled the game's adaptation onto the Xbox 360, 4J Studios, has confirmed on its Twitter that the long-awaited Title Update 9 won't be released this month, as there's still more work to be done.

Update 9, as previously revealed, will finally add a new zone to the game, in the form of The End, and let players battle the Enderdragon.

Sadly, it seems that Xbox 360 owners of Minecraft still need to wait until they can get this future update.

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