Minecraft for Xbox 360 Update 8 Gets More Details, Fixes Sleep Bug

Quite a few things are included in the upcoming patch for the game

Minecraft for Xbox 360 will receive a brand new patch soon enough, in the form of update 8, and developer 4J Studios has just revealed a few more details about its contents, confirming that it will finally bring a fix for the ongoing sleeping bug, while making other changes.

Minecraft for Xbox 360 has been a huge success and has contributed to the massive sales experienced by the independent game.

Now, 4J Studios, the developer who ported the game onto Microsoft's console, has confirmed via its Twitter account, that a new patch is coming, in the form of update 8, which should bring a few interesting additions.

First and foremost, it is a solution to the ongoing sleeping glitch, which prevents players from sleeping even if monsters are nowhere in the vicinity.

Glowstone Dust will also become more common, thanks to drops from Blazes, and each game world will host a Nether Fortress once the update is released.

New things are coming after patch 8, so Xbox 360 owners are in for even more goodies in the future.

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