Minecraft for Xbox 360 Update 7 Gets Detailed, Update 8 Includes "The End"

Lots of new things will arrive to the game in the next two patches

Minecraft for Xbox 360 will receive two major updates in the near future, according to developer 4J Studios, which has just confirmed a few more details about the popular game.

Minecraft took the world by storm on the PC platform and is currently earning lots of money and fans on the Xbox 360 console, thanks to a special port made by 4J Studios.

The developer has now explained on Twitter a few of the upcoming patches for the game, including Title Update 7 and 8.

According to the studio, Update 7 will bring a variety of new things, including an enchantment system, as well as a new player leveling system. Things like Spawn Eggs, Iron Golems, Ocelots, or jungles won't be included in Update 7, however.

4J also revealed that the long-awaited The End zone, in which players battle a giant dragon in the Hell dimension, would be included in Title Update 8.

As of yet, however, the two patches still don't have actual release dates.

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