New Minecraft for Xbox 360 Update Now Available for Download

The new patch will be automatically downloaded via Xbox Live

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 has just been updated with a new bugfix patch, which is now available for download via Xbox Live.

Minecraft became an instant hit on the PC and, after being ported on the Xbox 360 by 4J Studios, it quickly broke sales records on the platform, managing to attract millions upon millions of gamers.

Since its release back in spring, 4J has delivered a variety of updates for the game, bringing many features from the PC version into the Xbox 360 one.

The latest patch for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is now available for download via Xbox Live, according to MinecraftForum. As we revealed last week, the update may not bring that many new features, but it does deliver a variety of bug fixes for many annoyances and issues reported by owners of the game.

Check out the full changelog here and download it right now via Xbox Live.

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