Minecraft for Xbox 360 Title Update 12 Still in Development

The patch changes lots of core systems and software, so extra time is needed

4J Studios, the developer of Minecraft for the Xbox 360, has confirmed that it's still working hard on the upcoming Title Update 12 but has also mentioned that it will take a while, as large software architecture changes are needed.

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 has been a huge success ever since it appeared on the Xbox Live Arcade last year and in retail stores the around world last month.

Developer 4J Studios has kept on updating the game but the last patch, Title Update 12, has been stuck in development for some time now.

4J mentioned that the patch could appear in July and it's now emphasized on Twitter that it's working hard on it, although "there are lots of software architecture changes needed," meaning it will take a while before the update is complete.

No other details have been given, so Minecraft for Xbox 360 owners will have to make do with the current game.

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