Minecraft for Xbox 360 Title Update 12 Still in Bug Fix Stage, No Estimated Launch Date

The long awaited patch for the popular game is still in development

Minecraft for Xbox 360 developer 4J Studios has confirmed that it's still in the bug fix stage of the creation of Title Update 12, meaning it can't offer a concrete launch date as it's still not even in Microsoft's certification process.

Minecraft for Xbox 360 has been a huge success both for original developer Mojang and for the studio that ported the game over to the console, 4J Studios.

The millions of fans have been eagerly awaiting the developer's next big patch, Title Update 12, for some time but it seems that the team is still in the bug fix stage.

According to a new message posted on Twitter, Title Update 12 for Minecraft on Xbox 360 still isn't ready and can't enter Microsoft's lengthy certification process until everything is in tiptop shape.

Fans are urged to have more patience and await further details soon enough.

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