Minecraft for Xbox 360 Has Sold Almost 4.5 Million Copies

The downloadable game is quite a hit and continues to sell well

The Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft has sold almost 4.5 million copies all around the world, as the developer of the original version of the game, Mojang, has confirmed the latest sales figures.

Minecraft became an indie phenomenon while it was still in its alpha stage and this quickly meant that versions for other platforms entered development.

While the PC edition is still the most successful, the Xbox 360 one is definitely the fastest selling one, as developer Mojang has now confirmed, via Gamasutra, that almost 4.5 million copies have been sold via the Xbox Live Arcade system.

This means that the sales momentum is quite impressive, as previous sales results showed that 4 million copies were sold as of October 1.

Considering the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is constantly receiving updates and new content, you can expect the game to continue selling many units for the months to come.

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